The Vakhtangov Technique

Oleg is the UK's leading specialist and practitioner of the Vakhtangov Technique. He conducts research and provides actor training in this tradition. His work in the Vakhtangov Technique takes him all over the UK and Europe, where his workshops are highly regarded by both professional actors and by acting students. Oleg continues to research in this field.

Yevgeni Vakhtangov (1883-1922) was the seminal Russian theatre practitioner who founded the Vakhtangov studio and theatre in Moscow. A close associate of Stanislavsky and mentor of Michael Chekhov he was and continues to be the first, and arguably the only director in the history of the theatre, to have achieved a practical synthesis of the methodologies of the two revolutionary masters of the Russian school of acting: Stanislavski and Meyerhold. He referred to this as “fantastic realism” and considered it to be the most artistically valid way of creating theatre. “Fantastic realism” holds answers to many pressing questions faced by today’s theatre practitioners—questions of reality and artifice; psychology and physical expression; theatricality and behaviour. Vakhtangov's work brings a freshness of approach that leads to innovative and invigorating theatre.

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Oleg develops his own acting exercises and techniques, some of which can be seen as a blend of old and new concepts from the Russian school of acting. These exercises are extreme forms of improvisation and aim to free the actor from the restrictions of text and of his or her own body. They invite the actor to better connect with the imagination and to be artistically bold and brave, thus allowing them to act more freely in the space and therefore bring added dimensions to the dramatic text.

Oleg's workshops are designed to serve as an introduction to the Vakhtangov methodology and its key principles through a series of practical exercises focusing on imagination and justification. Workshops usually take place over one day and are invested with a number of Vakhtangov concepts. Participants will be guided through an exciting mix of exercises and encouraged to enter a playful environment where any act of creative expression is possible.

During the workshop, participants will strengthen their imagination, artistic courage, and internal and external flexibility, while developing the ability to express themeselves physically on stage. The workshop will enable participants to fully justify their artistic creations and to develop them fearlessly with absolute belief.

If you are interested and would like more information, please get in touch and we will bring you updates and details of forthcoming workshops.

Vakhtangov & Chekhov: Text Work - A Belka Productions Webinar and Workshop (Teaser 1)

Vakhtangov & Chekhov: Text Work - A Belka Productions Webinar and Workshop (Teaser 2)

Video Preview: Introduction to The Vakhtangov Technique — All Day Workshop